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In 1952 a young Swedish doctor got the idea of scraping bone marrow from fresh calves' bones and giving it to children in the hospital. She was working in the hospital at the time, and she wanted to see if it would help correct their low white blood cell count. She reasoned that since the white blood cells are made in the bone marrow, perhaps a bone marrow extract would help in cases of low white blood cell production.

The doctor's name was Astrid Brohult. The results she obtained were astonishining. Not only was there an increase in white blood cell counts, but the children also reported increased energy.

Dr. Brohult asked her husband, Dr. Sven Brohult, PhD., a professor of biochemistry at a Swedish university, to analyze the calf-bone marrow to determine what was in it that stimulated the white blood cell production. After many years of research, he discovered that it was a group of substances known as alkylglycerols (AKG's) that was responsible for this effect.

Alkylglycerols are involved in the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow, and they have been shown to be just as essential to white blood cell production as iron is to red blood cell production. Human breast milk is a very rich source of alkylglycerols. Human breast milk stimulates the newborn's immune system so that it can begin the job of defending the newborn from infection. The other natural source that is rich in AKG's is shark liver oil. Shark liver oil has been used for centuries by Scandinavian fisherman as a remedy to prevent colds and flus. Sharks are known to live an incredibly long time due to the strength of their immune system.

In the 67 years of research on alkylglycerols that has been done in Europe, they have been found to do the following:

1. AKG's enhance the production of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.

2. AKG's prevent or reduce the damage from radiation therapy.

3. AKG's reduce the drop in white blood cell counts usually seen with chemotherapy and radiation.

4. AKG's have shown tumor-inhibiting activity.

Ecomer® is a highly concentrated source of AKG's that is produced by Scandinavian Formulas. Each softgel contains 50 milligrams of AKG's. The shark liver oil is processed so that it contains only trace amounts of vitamins A & D. This processing is not done with harmful chemicals.

Ingredients: each gelcap contains 50 mg of AKG's from shark liver oil, gelatin and glycerin. Recommended dose is 2 gelcaps 3 times per day.

Price: $20.95 for 120 gelcaps of Ecomer®.

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