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The History Behind Seacure®

Seacure® emerged out of a global research effort to develop unutilized marine protein sources, namely fish, as supplements for the diets of malnourished or starving individuals, in particular children in third world countries.

Throughout the 1960's, researchers at the Fisheries research Institute of the Republic of Uruguay, worked to perfect a fermentation technology that would readily convert available fish into a highly absorbable protein concentrate. A multi-disciplinary team comprised of food technologists, microbiologists, nutritionists and engineers finally made the critical breakthrough.

Donald G. Snyder, PhD. was director of a Fisheries Research Laboratory at the University of Maryland and a member of a committee formed by the US National Research Council to review the scientific activities and development work in connection with the international protein project. "The work in Uruguay stood out above all other international efforts," says Dr. Snyder. "It involved a method for the controlled enzymatic digestion of fresh deep-ocean fish fillets with a natural fermentation process that used a unique marine micro-organism. In the process, the fish is digested by the micro-organism. The tissue components are broken down into a mushy liquid. A delicate drying process yields a fine powder which is suitable for use as a supplement to human diets or for the formation into tablets or capsules. The concentrated end- product contains the vital fish elements, including beneficial omega-3 fatty acids."

"All other efforts underway at the time were physically and chemically oriented procedures to concentrate the fish protein, that is removal of oil and water from fish tissues," explains Dr. Snyder. These procedures left the resulting product with hard to digest or denatured (damaged) protein.

By comparison, the Uruguayan process resulted in the solubilization of the large protein fragments. Instead of being damaged, the protein was "pre-digested" by the micro-organisms into smaller protein fragments (approx. 60% di- and tri-peptides) and 40% simple amino acids.

"In visits to South America, it became increasingly clear that something very exciting was happening," Dr. Snyder continues. "When the supplement was put into clinical use, it was immediately found to be extremely effective and well tolerated. I saw this first hand in hospital clinics, escorted by physicians who were using it and studying its effects. Not only was this particular preparation helping malnourished and premature babies in a spectacular way, but the doctors were telling me it was helping people of all ages with a wide variety of conditions, even in the remission of pain."

The formula became widely used by physicians in Uruguay and adjacent countries during the 1970's and into the 1980's. It was recognized and approved for clinical use by the Ministry of Health and the National Medical Association of Uruguay. But its usage never really extended beyond South America. When the key developer of the technology passed away some ten years ago, production stopped. Subsequently, Dr. Snyder formed a partnership to obtain the technology to produce the supplement. He brought this technology back to the US where it is now being used to make Seacure® once again.

Over 10 years of clinical of clinical use of Seacure® in Uruguay!

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