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To Whom It May Benefit,

I would like to share with you my experience with a dietary supplement called ProBoost Thymic Protein A. I was first diagnosed in April 1987 with 2 types of breast cancer: invasive and intraductal. After a lumpectomy and radiation, I continued to take care of myself with good nutrition, supplements, botanicals and homeopathy.

I started using ProBoost Thymic Protein A in February 1995 at the onset of a 6 month course of chemotherapy (CMF) for metastatic breast cancer. It is well known that chemotherapy will usually reduce white blood cell counts to undesirable levels by destroying lymphocytes. During the entire 6 months of therapy (every 3 weeks) my white blood cell count never went below 2500, which is a healthy level. My oncologist was quite surprised and told me that this was most unusual. She insisted that I "Keep doing what I was doing." I was quite excited with my clinical results. At the end of the 6 month chemo treatment period I requested an immune panel profile, which happily indicated significant increases in my CD4 helper and CD8 killer white blood cells. In addition, even though my immune system was compromised by the chemo's toxicity, I continued to feel good, exercised, and kept working during the entire 6 month period.

As of July 1996 my breast cancer metastasized to my lungs. I decided to increase the dose of ProBoost Thymic Protein A that I was taking. At the same time I started weekly infusions of another course of chemotherapy (Navelbine). As of October 1, 1996, based on MRI scans and chest x-rays, the tumors in my lungs have shrunk and most of the diffuse cancer is completely gone. My continued use of the thymic protein has kept my white blood cell count high, and I believe it has strengthened my immune system.

As a clinical nutritionist with over 25 years experience, I use both traditional and natural therapies in my practice. For the last 5 years I have concentrated on helping people with cancer. After my wonderful results, I have placed 11 patients on ProBoost Thymic Protein A. It is important to note that those patients that used ProBoost Thymic Protein A did not need white blood cell colony stimulating medicine while undergoing chemotherapy! I performed an immune panel on one of these patients and the results were superb. All patients who have stayed on ProBoost Thymic Protein A continue to keep their cancers at bay. Many have told me they plan to take the product indefinitely. I believe that ProBoost Thymic Protein A definitely creates an important immunostimulatory environment, and I attribute my own success in handling chemotherapy to the use of this product.

Gayle B., PhD
Clinical Nutritionist

Although the following individual's experience with ProBoost Thymic Protein A does not involve cancer, it does show ProBoost Thymic Protein A's strong immunostimulatory effects.

To Whom It May Benefit,

I am a male caucasian sixty-six years of age with a college degree in mechanical engineering plus completion of many advanced courses in engineering. Until approxiamtely 1993 I had been gainfully employed in various fields of the engineering discipline, and management. In January and March of 1987 I had 2 spinal operations for the removal of 5 spinal disks. These operations were due to injuries incurred during my college years playing football.

I have been confined to the hospital five times within the last year. My medical problems have included congestive heart failure, complete right knee replacement, second admittance for congestive heart failure and emergency gall bladder removal surgery. Prior to this, I had experienced extreme fatigue, low grade fevers up to 102.4 degrees Farenheit, numerous sores on my body, legs and arms, pains between my shoulder blades, knee joints, hips and elbows, dizziness and insomnia. Dr. James Lapcevic referred me to various specialists without a successful diagnosis. Numerous blood test were taken, EKG's, proctoscopic exams of the lower and upper intestines, upper and lower CRT exams using barium, MRI exams of lower and upper organs. None of these exams revealed the real problem of an infected gall bladder filled with gall stones. It wasn't until Dr. James Lepcevic examined all of the records, in particularly the blood test, that he was able to diagnose the possibility of a gall bladder problem due to a higher than normal bilirubin readings. A CRT scan of the gall bladder was conducted and it showed that there were numerous gall stones which resulted in its emergency removal. The gall bladder was also infected with resulting poisoning of my system.

After having survived this operation and having taken numerous bottles of antibiotics with only limited results, it was Dr. Lapcevic's suggestion that I try the ProBoost Thymic Protein A. He had recently read about it and had made a trip back East to investigate its development. I began taking it four times a day as recommended by my doctor. Approximatley 2 weeks later, I noticed an increased energy level, my fevers became intermittent, then ceased, and the sores on my body healed!

Within 2 months of having begun ProBoost Thymic Protein A, I have made a remarkable recovery as confirmed by a complete medical examination at the hospital by a team of doctors consisting of a heart specialist, internal medicine specialist and a proctologist. My present diagnoses is that I have a slightly irregular heart beat, and it has reduced in size from double to normal! My liver which had been almost destroyed by the hepatitis, and was diagnosed as functioning at a 30% level prior to having begun ProBoost Thymic Protein A, has improved to the extent that the doctors consider it to be functioning at a 70% level! I do not believe that I would have made such a speedy recovery without the use of ProBoost Thymic Protein A.

Bob S.

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