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The following story comes from Dr. George Squire about the use of shark liver oil with his daughter.

My daughter, Marla, is the mother of 4 children. Each week, in addition to her duties at home, she cares for one or two senior citizens. "She'd had a persistent cough," Dr. Squire explains. "Her medical doctor did a workup and took an x-ray and found a mass atop her heart that was approximately the size of a small grapefruit. The doctors came back with the diagnosis of Hodgkins lymphoma.

Marla's medical doctors and her father spelled out all the options to Marla and, finally, she decided to follow both a standard medical treatment and her father's recommendation of a homeopathic approach. By this time, October 1995, the Hodkins lymphoma had reached Level 3 of a possible four levels. This gave Marla a 60% chance of survival.

"Immediately, I started her on shark liver oil," Dr. Squire recounts. Toward the end of the chemotherapy, Marla's doctors told her that she was doing very well. The other doctors (besides Marla's father) did not know about the shark liver oil that Marla had been taking. One of the doctors commented "He didn't want to know what was going on, but told her to keep doing whatever it was she was doing."

At the end of the chemotherapy, the doctors gave Marla steroid injections in order to keep her count up. Suddenly, Marla began to cough again, and when the doctors took another x-ray, they found an infiltration beginning to develop at the bottom of her lungs. "They found out she was developing a lung infection because of the steroids. The infection cleared up within weeks of stopping the steroids."

Dr. Squire made certain his daughter continued the shark liver oil treatment even after chemotherapy. Dr. Squire relates Marla's ability to fight off the infection caused by the steroids to the fact that her immune system was bolstered by shark liver oil.

During Marla's radiation therapy, which lasted for 4 weeks and which was never reduced after the first session, she continued to care for her family and the senior citizens in her charge, as well as deal with the paperwork and problems concomitant with the new home she and her husband were building. Marla actually drove herself to and from radiation treatment! Dr. Squire recalls that "the nurses were highly impressed with her ability to handle tht much radiation and not need a lot of assistance. She was doing so well that toward the end of the radiation treatments, the doctors started to block off more and more of her body because the mass was disappearing. They concentrated only on the mass that was still above the heart."

In May 1996, Marla was completely freed of the Hodgkins lymphoma. To this day, she continues to take shark liver oil. "The oncologist indicated that if she stays clear of this cancer for three years, she'll probably have no problem with it again," Dr. Squire explains. "If it does reoccur, she'll have less than a 50% chance of surviving. And that's the reason I encouraged her to stay on the shark liver oil, because of what I've seen it do for people's immune systems. Shark liver oil actually bolsters the immune system.

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