Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Products!

If these products are so great, why hasn't my doctor heard of them before?

Most doctors learn about prescription medications, not about nutritional products. That is why very few doctors have heard of these products before. These products are not prescription medications. But these products do work!

Should I tell my doctor that I am taking these products?

You should always inform your doctor of what you are taking. Unfortunately, your doctor may discourage you from taking these products. Not because they are dangerous for you. But simply because they simply do not know about them. We have numerous customers that have used these products with NO adverse effects or interference with their chemotherapy. In fact quite the opposite is true. Our customers tell us they have done better with their chemotherapy because of our products!

Are there doctors that have used these products with their patients?
Absolutely YES! There are many doctors, both conventional M.D.'s and alternative practitioners that have used these products with their patients. If you would like to find out about a doctor in your area that has used these products, e-mail us with you name and where you live and we will get back to you with the name of a doctor in your area that has used these products.


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